• Ice Cold - 1963 Chevrolet Impala

    Magazine: Impala Magazine Issue: Volume 1 Issue 3

    Impalas Magazine - Vol.1 Issue 3

    Owner: Eddie and Martha Alpizar
    Vehicle: '63 Chevy Impala
    City/State: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Club: Individuals

    Photos and text by: Toro

    The Northern areas of the U.S. are known for rain, snow, and low temperatures during the winter season, but one thing for sure when it comes to Impalas, nothing freezes the competition like ICE COLD 63.  Eddie Alpizar and his wife Martha had their sites set on a clean 1963 Impala back in 1997 and have produced a show winner that has taken trophies from Wisconsin to California.  The Alpizars are 10 year veterans of the Individuals car club and belong to the Chicago chapter.

    Knowing that he had to show pride in the black and yellow, nothing was left untouched on the 63. Will Baily from Baily Racing expertly pieced together one of the cleanest engines on the circuit.  After the engine was painted silver, various parts were affixed to the engine: a chrome water pump, billet and chrome brackets, a Be Cool fan shroud, a chrome radiator, polished billet valve covers, a custom air cleaner, and Edelbrock intake manifold and Edelbrock carb.  To round out the engine compartment, the fender wells were also set out for chrome and set in the engine bay once they returned from the chrome shop. 

    Will Baily also lent a hand when it came to paint the car a chilling silver after he and buddy Dale went over the car to make sure the body was in perfect condition.  Once the paint was sprayed, Berry Signs took his turn to add that custom touch and did a great job adding the clean and sleek silver leafing.

    Hollywood supplied the reinforced, ground to perfection, and painted chassis which also houses the shortened rear end, custom and chrome Moser axles, 2 Ĺ -inch rear spindles, and 3 1/2 Ėinch front chrome springs.  Shorty headers, stainless steel mufflers, and a complete polished stainless steel exhaust were fastened to the car with custom exhaust hangers.  A custom Wilwood Racing brake set up that was polished and chromed was also added to the car.  This was a must in order to bring the trey to a stop while cruising on itís one of a kind wire wheels.

    Robertís Tires & Wheels provided the custom black and nickel, engraved 13 inch Masterpiece wheels that were stuffed into 155/80/R13 Lemans tires.

    Mr. Baily assisted in a great deal of the build up of the chilly Impala and also wired up the custom Dakota Digital Dash, also provided by Roberts Tires & Wheels, that sits in the engraved dashboard.  Jax Seat cover in Milwaukee stitched up the metallic charcoal and silver material into the original stock pattern and also added the dark charcoal carpet to the floor.

    The Alpizars wanted a clean ride but also one that could stand on its own against virtually any competition.  Special attention was paid to, what many would call the heart of a lowrider, the hydraulics set up.

    Bob at Hollywood Kustoms was called upon to work some of his magic.  The Northlake, Illinois shop created a unique set up consisting of 3 Hi-Low pumps with #11 gears, 8 inch and 12 inch cylinders, 3 Adex dumps, 3 slow downs, 3 check valves, 3 solenoid blocks, a custom driveline, and also handled the intricate bending of all the steel hard lines.  The batteries were pained silver to match the car and stainless steel battery covers and back panel were also designed and created to complete the set up in the trunk.

    Iím sure that chills are running up and down spines as they flip through the pages of Impalas Magazine and see the likes of Ice Cold 63.

    Ice Cold 63 - Impala Magazine


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