• Mi Trokita

    Magazine: Lowrider Magazine Issue: May 2002
    Lowrider Magzine - May 2002
    Ricardo got a real sweet deal on his super S-10.
    Owner: Ricardo Del Real
    Vehicle: '88 Chevrolet S-10 pickup
    City, ST:  Chicago, IL
    Text and Photos: Mary Weikert
    Model: Bernadette Perez

    Sometimes you can take something good and make it even better. Four years ago while browsing through the Truck Trader, a truck on the first page caught Ricardo Del Real's eye. the 22 year old real estate accountant from Bolingbrook, Illinois had never built a lowrider before and was intrigued by the '88 Chevy S-10. It had the tailgate emblems shaved, the antenna relocated, custom cowl hood, bumper and fog lights, Hmm, the list went on--dark tinted windows, power sunroof, Lear truck shell, tasty three tone paint scheme and it was slammed.

    Not a bad starting point, Ricardo figured, as he dropped $10,000 and happy drove "Mi Trokita" home. In no time, he had joined Azteca Car Club, entered his first show and was imagining which mods to begin with when oops, he was rear ended casing $8,000 damage. After a restoration by Bill Ritter of Metal Masters Auto Body in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Bill made one addition at Ricardo's request, a mural of the Virgin Mary praying over Mi Trokita on the truck's hood which club member Octavio "Tallo" Maldonado later suicided.

    Ricardo was now ready to get busy. After adding chrome fender trim from the J.C. Whitney catalogue in La Salle, Illinois, hydraulics was next on his list. Bob "Hollywood" Wagner of Hollywood Kustoms in Northlake, Illinois, created the setup in the truck bed with four chrome Hi-Low pumps mounted on boxes, four dumps resting on top of four Trojan batteries hidden below. After extending the control arms for additional support, he finished the job with steel tubing, chrome fittings and 8-inch cylinders all around.

    Some serious tailgating can be had in the truck's bed. Nintendo, videos and television channels can be accessed from the Audiovox 9-inch monitor with hidden antenna that Ricardo bought at the flea market. Two 12-inch Rockford Fosgates Punch subs reside on either side of the monitor. The 250-watt amp and battery that power the system are hidden inside the left hydraulics box. A Kenwood cassette deck in the dash control the sound system that includes two Polk Audio tweeters and 5 1/4-inch Kicker mids in the doors.

    Ricardo and Juan Villalobos of Custom Covers in Chicago created the black crushed velvet upholstery with gray buttons and piping that extends from the truck's bed to the cab. The swivel seats were once wooden bar stools. Other touches are the tri-colored hydraulic switches, purple fire extinguisher and billet knob topping off his shifter. A detachable Aztec calendar spray painted turquoise highlights the center of his Grant steering wheel.
    Mi Trokita's color scheme is reflected in the engine compartment with purple Vitek spark plug wires, plastic turquoise hose cover and purple flex loom, not to mention tasty two tone pint. Juventino of Courtesy Metal Polishing chromed the air cleaner, valve cover and heater cover of the stock 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. When Ricardo turned his eye to his ride's undercarriage it became a club effort. After the prep, Ricardo, Tallo and Daniel Cantero shot the frame, rear shocks and brake lines with PPG turquoise and the rear wheel wells with purple.

    Since the chroming was done at different times, John Penetras at Classic Chrome in Franklin Park, Illinois, handled the front end and Juventino at Courtesy Metal Polishing dipped the rear. Chroming the drive shaft and wheel wells presented a challenged. Ricardo searched high and low for a shop with large enough tank to dip the pieces before hooking up with Ed at Southwest Plating in Chicago who did a masterful job on his first try.

    With 14-inch Luxor knock-off 100 spoke rims on his 14x6 Esquire whitewall tires, Ricardo take Mi Trokita to club outings or car shows about once a month. Naturally, Ricardo enjoys appreciation and has taken his fair share of trophies, including the first place mild mini-truck trophy at the 2001 Indianapolis, Indiana, Lowrider Magazine Tour Show. He has spent around $15,000 customizing his ride and he's not ready to stop yet. In the future, he foresees a suicide camper shell and tailgate, and possibly suicide doors and more interior work. Ricardo would like to thank his parents and friends for the support and give shout-outs to Azteca Car Club. He offers special thanks to god, "For letting me accomplish my dreams." Well, its always good to have God on the team.

    Mi Trokita - Lowrider Magazine May 2002

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