Dumps & Bumps
    Magazine: Lowrider Magazine Issue: May 2006
    Lowrider Magazine cover page May 2006
    Owner: Rene Espinoza
    Vehicle: '63 Chevy Impala SS
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Club: Pura Familia C.C.

    By: Saul Vargas


    When we asked Rene Espinoza how much he spent on his '63 SS, he laughed and said that he lost track. No bolt was left unchromed on the two-year project, which has four Hi-Low Eliminator chrome and polished center-pressure, side-return pumps with # 9 Marzocchi gears. Whoever said that you couldn't have a "bad" setup without running square dumps obviously has not seen Rene's setup that features four Delta dumps with 5,000-psi. cartridges.

    The four-pump setup was outfitted with T-handle slow downs, four 10,000-psi. gauges, four polished oil coolers, custom-bent 11/42-inch chrome steel lines, molded battery and pump rack, painted batteries, 2-gauge clear cables with polished ends, and custom-bent polished aluminum trunk wall and side covers for the batteries with one-plug charging.

    The trunk setup on "Game" was done by "Hollywood Bob" of Hollywood Kustoms in Northlake, Illinois. The hydro job took about 60 hours to create, including the suspension work that was needed to allow the hydraulics to work correctly.

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